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Can I hire you? Deep Freeze 6 - I'm not sure on this one either. This list will ONLY be used for announcing new generators. x Windows XP Error Creator by Jeromie scripts sprites See inside Oh no! have a peek here

CNET Video - NaN is the length of the video, which doesn't play. Let me know what type of work you have. Winamp - Oh my. Anvil Studio has dozens of excellent examples of good error messages.

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Runtime error 217 can happen for a number of reasons. Windows Internet Explorer - I knew the page I was on was dangerous, but I wasn't expecting it when it started to try and close stuff! Visit our Support Forums for help or drop an email to mgnews @ majorgeeks.com to report mistakes. Instant Messenger 7 - What is a "pure virtual function call?" Could you please be more elaborate?

Pcsx2 - I seriously hate it when a word is left off. WinSysClean3. MySpace - You can only setup your MySpace name once. Windows 10 Error Message Generator Maybe.

Two, quitting setup with the X or Ctrl-Alt-Del does not close other programs. Funny Error Message This appears at every startup of the software. Sent in by tkneal2. http://atom.smasher.org/error/?icon=Error3&style=xp&title=Equesti.Exe+has+stopped+working&url=&text=Requested+nation's+Exe+file+has+been+corrupted+due+to+the+vast+amount+of+Fries+he+has+experienced&b1=Feed+him+more%3F&b2=Report+thi Warning: Windows is a virus (not really)!

America Online 9.0 - I was sorting my e-mail messages when this just popped up out of nowhere. Fake Error Text Message Although all of these messages are real, this page is NOT for helping you with your problems. Mario Teaches Typing - I can't go to the castle level because I don't have enough memory. 48 MB isn't enough? Protector Suite QL - A bad scan?

Funny Error Message

ZenMsg 0.01 (ZIP; 13 KB) Copyright © 2016 Noah Petherbridge — All rights reserved Powered by Rophako v0.01 - Hosted by DigitalOcean Page generated in 0.018s. http://coolonlinetools.net/error-generator/ Collection Intro Intro: How to Make a Windows XP Error MessageHave you ever seen those fake Windows XPerror messages on YouTube and other places that people make? Error Message Text in microsoft Download 4 Steps Share Favorite I Made it! Error Message Generator Text You could try: drawing a new costume changing the scripts creating a new sprite OK, Got it.

Clean feature lineup All the settings that you need for creating error messages are gathered in a single panel. navigate here All these problems also occur on Windows XP. Sent in by Yoshi64. Windows XP Explorer - You don't want me to send an error report? Blue Screen Generator

Sent in by Yoshi64. I wonder what kind of strange problems could occur. Bulbapedia - Instead of returning a 403 Forbidden, a soft error was returned, with both a 403 and 404 on it. http://pdctoday.com/error-message/windows-error-message-box.php I was listening to an MP3, and this just appeared out of nowhere.

Program Distributor - The computers at school have a program run called "Program Distributor." When it tries to synchronize some items, four errors appear, including this one. Windows Error Message Sound Unknown - Older programs sometimes require Compatibility Mode to run on newer operating systems, sometimes because it can't read the OS name. Paint - Opened Paint one day when there were 140 Calculators (I think) open.

Las Vegas Strip Generator!

  • Windows Internet Explorer 7 - http://www.smbhq.com had a script error on their page that made it portray a lovely stack overflow error.
  • Invalid configuration information - please run SETUP program Performing automatic IDE configuration...
  • Gashisoft GXSCC - Another bad translation.
  • So move on to step 2! « PreviousNext »View All Steps DownloadAdvertisementlike mine?
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Sent in by tkneal2. F1 did nothing, by the way! This one...does neither. Mac Error Message Generator Which should I choose?

Autodesk 3ds Max Error Reporting - This is what I call a real error report! All images generated on this page are © Atom Smasher and available under your choice of Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License or Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License, unported or in Your link will not work! this contact form HELP!

SynthFont - More access violations. I pulled up Dial-Up Connections and this came up. Don’t like the preset icons? WinMorph crashed and told me something was wrong.

If a hard drive fails and Windows doesn't catch it, the number will continue to increase. Hover! - Yeah, I am not using a 256-color driver. Start Here · Top Freeware Picks · Malware Removal · HowTo's · Compatibility Database · Geektionary · Geek Shopping · Free Magazines · Useful Links · Top Freeware Picks · [email protected] Unlocker8.

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