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Winsock Error 10022 Wsaeinval


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\FltMgr add this entry Name: UseTildeShortcut(DWORD) Data: 1 You have to add this entry on the client machine. Not everyone understands this, but you'll find essentially quite a few providers that gives no cost diagnostics for personal computer problems. The error can occur when the local network system aborts a connection. Berkeley description: The system detected an invalid address in attempting to use an argument of a call. his comment is here

Berkeley description: An attempt was made to access a file in a way forbidden by its file access permissions. WinSock functions: accept(), bind(), connect(), gethostname(), getpeername(), getsockname(), getsockopt(), recvfrom(), send(), sendto(), setsockopt() if buffer length is too small. Reply With Quote February 18th, 2009,08:36 AM #7 VictorN View Profile View Forum Posts Super Moderator Power Poster Join Date Jan 2003 Location Wallisellen (ZH), Switzerland Posts 18,676 Re: Socket Error Ping a host on the same subnet as the host you were connected to (if you know one).

Socket Error 10054

User suggestions: Try to ping the destination host, to see if you get the same results (chances are, you will). A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or the established connection failed because the connected host has failed to respond. For instance, you might get WSAEBADF in place of WSAENOTSOCK on a system that provides some socket and file handle equivalency.

Therefore, we strongly suggest using the downloadable Winsock Error 10022 Wsaeinval Repair Kit to fix Winsock Error 10022 Wsaeinval errors The following discussion features detailed instructions for fixing Winsock Error 10022 WSAEREFUSED 10112 Database query was refused. No connection could be made because the target computer actively refused it. Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer May also be returned by setsockopt if an attempt is made to set SO_KEEPALIVE on a connection that has already failed.WSAENETUNREACH (10051)Network is unreachable.A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable

port 0).WSAEAFNOSUPPORT (10047)Address family not supported by protocol family.An address incompatible with the requested protocol was used. Socket Error 10053 Some WinSock implementation use these errors inappropriately, but they have a particular meaning. WSAENOMORE 10102 No more results. No such host is known.

Microsoft C description: Invalid argument. Socket Error 11004 WSATYPE_NOT_FOUND 10109 Class type not found. WinSock functions: connect(), sendto(), FD_CONNECT Additional functions: Any function that does network I/O: recv(), recvfrom(), send(), FD_READ, FD_WRITE See also: WSAEHOSTUNREACH WSAENOBUFS (10055) No buffer space available. WSA_QOS_GENERIC_ERROR 11015 QoS generic error.

Socket Error 10053

WinSock description: Partly the same as Berkeley. their explanation User suggestions: see WSAENETUNREACH for details WinSock functions: Additional functions: Any function that does network I/O. Socket Error 10054 WinSock description: The WinSock implementation cannot function at this time, because the underlying system it uses to provide network services is currently unavailable. Socket Error 10049 If not, check with your WinSock vendor to see if they have a newer WinSock available.

The behavior may vary: some WinSocks might complete in background, and others may require another call to closesocket to complete. this content For example, a socket call requests a SOCK_DGRAM socket, but specifies a stream protocol.WSAEPROTOTYPE (10041)Protocol wrong type for socket.A protocol was specified in the socket function call that does not support WSAStartup may fail with this error if the limit has been reached.WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT (10043)Protocol not supported.The requested protocol has not been configured into the system, or no implementation for it exists. At least one QoS send path has arrived. Socket Error Codes Linux

  • Note the British spelling (with an 'S' instead of a 'Z').
  • WSAENOBUFS 10055 No buffer space available.
  • A socket operation encountered a dead host.
  • Look at the WSAGetLastErrorreturn value.
  • It can also be returned by setsockopt if an attempt is made to set SO_KEEPALIVE on a connection that has already failed.
  • Berkeley description: An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.
  • WSA_QOS_EFLOWCOUNT 11023 Incorrect QoS flow count.
  • WinSock functions: WSAEFAULT (10014) Bad address.
  • WinSock functions: connect(), FD_CONNECT Additional functions: Any function that does I/O on the network could generate this error, and the WSAAsyncSelect() events FD_OOB, FD_READ, FD_WRITE.

Berkeley description: The support for the socket type has not been configured into the system or no implementation for it exists. Microsoft C description: Too many open files. This may indicate the file was deleted on the NFS server or some other catastrophic event occurred. weblink A socket operation encountered a dead network.

but this fellow accepts the data only when it is sent by machine which uses my application & not any application to send the message.... Winsock Error 10061 Berkeley description: An asynchronous signal (such as SIGINTor SIGQUIT) was caught by the process during the execution of an interruptible function. Always be sure to allocate enough space.

Return code/valueDescription WSA_INVALID_HANDLE 6 Specified event object handle is invalid.

Developer resources Microsoft developer Windows Windows Dev Center Windows apps Desktop Internet of Things Games Holographic Microsoft Edge Hardware Azure Azure Web apps Mobile apps API apps Service fabric Visual Studio Check your subnet mask. Developer suggestions: Since there're only one corresponding protocol for each of the datagram and datastream socket types in the Internet address family, you should simply leave the value in the protocol Socket Error 10061 Connection Refused This is a generic error code, returned under various conditions.

The application has initiated an overlapped operation that cannot be completed immediately. If recurrent memory-related Winsock Error 10022 Wsaeinval errors occur when specific programs are executed, the software itself is likely at fault. For example, the ARPA Internet UDP protocol cannot be specified with a socket type of SOCK_STREAM.WSAESHUTDOWN (10058)Cannot send after socket shutdown.A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the http://pdctoday.com/socket-error/winsock-bind-error-10022.php WSAEFAULT 10014 Bad address.

Usually this occurs when a socket descriptor to a socket that cannot support this operation is trying to accept a connection on a datagram socket. Handle the request as a non-fatal error (if possible), since some WinSock's can legally fail the request. User suggestions: see WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND for details. WinSock description: Same as Berkeley.

So where does our mysterious error 10022 come from? WinSock functions: accept(), bind(), closesocket(), connect(), gethostbyaddr(), gethostbyname(), gethostname(), getpeername(), getprotobyname(), getprotobynumber(), getservbyname(), getservbyport(), getsockname(), getsockopt(), ioctlsocket(), listen(), recv(), recvfrom(), select(), send(), sendto(), setsockopt(), shutdown(), socket(), WSAAsyncGetHostByAddr(), WSAAsyncGetHostByName(), WSAAsyncGetProtoByName(), WSAAsyncGetProtoByNumber(), WSAAsyncGetServByName(), I used dialog box application.... http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/wsk/thread/3076a9cd-57a0-418d-8de1-07adc3b486bb I'm give you a link below so you can download the latest release of GroupMail 5 Personal Edition as this is what you are licensed for.

Developers should consider handling the referenced errors similarly. Here is a useable macro: #define MAKEWORD(low, high) ((WORD)(((BYTE)(low)) | (((WORD)((BYTE)(high))) << 8))) WinSock functions: WSAStartup(). [Go to Top] Errors in Numerical Order WSABASEERR (0) No Error WSAEINTR (10004) Interrupted system WSAELOOP 10062 Cannot translate name. A connect request was made on an already-connected socket.

BUT this month EVERYTHING bombed out on my desktop and I still have not been able to send messages out on my DESKTOP. The address manipulation functions, inet_ntoa() andinet_addr(), can fail. Typically their descriptions are similar. Note that the v1.1 WinSock specification does not explicitly state that this error occurs if the value you request is larger than the WSAData.iMaxUdpDg returned from WSAStartup().

Detailed description: SO_BROADCAST is not supported on sockets of type SOCK_STREAM. WinSock functions: Any function which allocates a new descriptor: accept(), listen(), & socket(). WSAEAFNOSUPPORT 10047 Address family not supported by protocol family. It can occur if you're trying to run too many applications (of any kind) simultaneously on your machine.

We suggest local configuration changes that might remedy the problem, and network and server conditions that might be the cause. For example, if a call to WaitForMultipleObjects fails or one of the registry functions fails trying to manipulate theprotocol/namespace catalogs.WSASYSNOTREADY (10091)Network subsystem is unavailable.This error is returned by WSAStartup if the An invalid QoS filter type was used.