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Still, a second or third master from an epoxy should be the same as the first. Now, with your other hand, flip the coin over, but maintain your hold on the coin. Coin Collecting 101 Rare U.S. This one also shows an area of incuse field running directly below the majority of the doubled area of the alleged doubled leaf suggesting metal displacement due to damage to the weblink

News of the oddity traveled fast. Share May 30, 2006 Wisconsin Error Quarters- Collecting Wisconsin Quarters An error (or intentional variation, some say) on behalf of theUS Mint may just make you a few hundred bucks or If your quarter has an extra stalk pointing up (three in total) or an extra leaf on the left hand side (to make three in total), you might have one of State Quarters missing a clad layer are somewhat valuable.

Wisconsin Quarter Error

The last one I had in stock, I priced $10 over a regular coin of the same grade, and it took about a month to sell. To illustrate this point further, I pulled a silver round I had struck from a damaged die a few weeks ago with a large die gouge running through the field and How to Buy the Rarest State Quarters on eBay A shopper can use eBay to find the rarest state quarters and learn about the coins' designs and the minting mistakes they Our site covers many of the items currently being plopped into inboxes everywhere, so if you were writing to ask us about something you just received, our search engine can probably

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Image courtesy of CoinPage. Stanton, (to several specialists in an earlier private thread), and a look at the actual coins, proves beyond any reasonable doubt in my mind that these are not intentional die varieties 1848 Wisconsin Quarter Value Extra LOW Leaf!

Round dies pierce through the strip, ejecting a round blank with each penetration. On the so-called "high leaf" we see that its base starts "sprouting" from a chunk of cheese! Knowing which state quarter designs are most rare can help an individual choose a coin that appreciates in value. http://www.knightcoin.com/wi-error.htm Generally, these errors result when manufacturing grease or other debris is packed into the a recessed area of a die.

There are too many major players that have gotten behind these coins that will continue to push them as something that they are not for a long enough period to make 2004 P Wisconsin Quarter Value This page by Scott Logan Email to a friend Your email address Your friend's address Subject Body Check out this article Cornstalked. Who knows, you might just get lucky! For some reason, this planchet didn't make it to the coining press.

  1. Very few minor errors given fancy nicknames ever stick but a few do catch on.
  2. Coincidental?
  3. Happy searching, and remember, keep that magnifying lens handy!
  4. Other observers, equally knowledgeable of the coining process, speculated that this was no mistake at all, that the extra leaves were added deliberately in an unauthorized manner by someone inside the
  5. Fact Check American Pie Did Buddy Holly die in a plane called 'American Pie'?
  6. The error has happened before, in 1969 and 1972, and those versions of the coins are much more valuable. 3. 1942-1945 silver nickel Value: 56 cents - $12.25 During World War
  7. The U.S.

Kansas Quarter Error

Tom DeLorey Ken Potter P.O. Extra High Leaf! Wisconsin Quarter Error Thank you!Errors : Maryland Quarter Die Trail Strike EC357 $440.00Buy It NowFree ShippingIf the above item is a coin, when it is attributed or graded, every effort is made to be State Quarter Errors Snopes and the snopes.com logo are registered service marks of snopes.com Go What's New Fact Checks News Hot 25 Newsletter Archive Glossary Contact Message Board FAQ Random Autos Business Cokelore College

Aaaargh... http://pdctoday.com/wisconsin-quarter/wisconsin-coin-error-photo.php Mint Investigates Flub On Wisconsin Quarter (NPRAudio) 2 Varieties Of Wisconsin Quarter Errors There in fact are 2 kinds of extra leaf Wisconsin quarters: The high leaf variety has a Wisconsin's quarter came out in 2004; the reverse design features a cow, a wheel of cheese and a partially husked ear of corn lurking in the back. Extra LOW Leaf! Minnesota Quarter Error

Click Here to find out more. Your Email Your Message Send Send us a rumor Go Follow snopes on Thank you for signing up:[email protected] Get Snopes in your inbox Go We will never send you spam or MINT * STATE QUARTERS Image 2004-P WISCONSIN (WI) STATE QUARTER UNCIRCULATED FROM U.S. http://pdctoday.com/wisconsin-quarter/wisconsin-coin-error-quarter.php Because the extra leaf Wisconsin quarters had already been processed and were waiting to be shipped off to circulation.

One coin with the most issues during production is the Minnesota error quarter. 2004 Wisconsin Quarter Extra Leaf Ebay You reach for some pocket change and begin anticipating that magical moment all the more. On the bear side there is a spot of metal between the claws of the extended paw.

Will collectors eagerly seek them out?

Box 760232 Lathrup Village, MI 48076-0232 Phone: 1-(313)255-8907 E-mail: [email protected] Numismatist Since 1959 ~ Serving the Collector Since 1973 CONECA's Longest Serving Doubled Die Attributer Member of: ANA CONECA-LM NLG NCADD-FM The program brought many exciting designs to our nation's pockets and coin albums. I will upload better, close up pho...1984-P WASHINGTON QUARTER MINT ERROR OFFSTRIKE MISSTRUCK *VERY COOL COLLECTIBLE* $13.5018 bidsOFFSTRIKE MISSTRUCK. 1984-P WASHINGTON QUARTER MINT ERROR. Wisconsin Quarter Rare However, there are certain 50 state quarters that brought about additional interest because of minor mistakes and errors on some of the designs.

The story goes that a Denver mint operator turned off a machine processing blemished coins. Image courtesy of Munroe Coins & Collectibles. Near the crescendo of the frenzy, certain individual coins were selling for as high as $1500. http://pdctoday.com/wisconsin-quarter/wisconsin-coin-error.php http://www.snopes.com/business/money/quarter.asp Sent via snopes.com Send What's New Fact Checks News Hot 25 Newsletter Archive Glossary Contact Message Board FAQ Random Autos Business Cokelore College Computers Crime Critter Country Disney Embarrassments Entertainment

How much attention did the extra leaf Wisconsin quarter really get? The blemished quarters were being mixed in with the regular quarters. The basis for this theory is that it seems too coincidental that two random dies (i.e. Good Luck.ERROR ~ 1962 US PROOF SET ~ 2 NICKELS / NO QUARTER $35.000 bidsThe penny is age tarnished.

This minor detail is making these quarters a rare commodity on thecoin collection market. $500 or more is what collectors are paying for a misprinted Wisconsin leaf, and estimates have been However, a 2005 event has served to spur interest in at least one of these coins, if not the entire series. Years from now, will anyone be excited about owning a Wisconsin extra leaf variety? Die gouges (or dents) are common on coins and like finding angels in the clouds, you will find them where you want if you look long enough.

Extra High Leaf! These quarters appeared to possess an extra "leaf" added to the ear of corn on the Wisconsin reverse side design. Collecting fever ran high for the first few issues of these new coins, but as the years passed the demand for the annual offering of five new state's quarters has dropped There is no exact word on how the extra leaf actually got on the coin.

CRC is a PCGS and NGC certified dealer, so we regularly have a wide range of certified U...ANACS 25c 1982-P Washington Quarter on Nickel Planchet MS-61 $165.00Buy It NowFree ShippingANACS 1982-P The thickness of the coiled material equals that of the finished coin. My love for coins began when I was 11 years old. When the die strikes strike a planchet, coin metal cannot flow into the filled recessed area of the die, resulting in a coin lacking detail in the effected area.

He is currently seeking political asylum in the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. Most "Buy it Now" offers were listed for between $200 and $500 in uncirculated grades. Image 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter Bank Wrapped Roll Brilliant Uncirculated OBW!!! $15.99 Buy It Now 2004 WISCONSIN P & D * ORIGINAL US MINT WRAPPED * UNC STATEHOOD QUARTER ROLLS * Image courtesy of CoinPage.

He went to take a meal break and returned to find the machine was turning out thousands of blemished coins 90 minutes later. Image courtesy of CoinPage.